The Best in Seating Comfort

It's soft on the sides and soft where you sit: like sitting on a cushioned recliner!

You can easily imagine the many comfortable positions you have with a Softub. You will no longer have to have pre-formed seats to be comfortable. You'll discover that you actually prefer not having all of those nooks and crannies, like in a fiberglass spa. How else could the Softub still be so preferred after 24 years if it weren't completely comfortable?

Sanctuary Relief

Relax into the water and soothe away those aches and pains. Enjoy the stimulation of hot water therapy. Melt away tension at the end of the day while you relax and unwind in comfort before slipping into bed. Night after night you will have the best rest you've ever experienced. If you are a morning person, get pampered with a hot water soak to calmly conquer the day after an early-morning exercise routine.


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Softub Styles

  • T-140 (2 person)

    Take a soak at your leisure in the Softub 140; with four hydrotherapy jets, the Softub 140 is designed to maximize your enjoyment in a minimum amount of space. Its five-foot diameter is the ideal spa for balconies, patios, and basements.

    The Softub 140 is your private getaway to unwind from a long day, relax, and reduce stress.

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  • T-220 (4 person)

    Escape the everyday stress life brings with the Softub 220. Cushioned for comfort, the Softub 220, features five pulsating jets and comfortably accommodates up to four people. It is perfect for those who want a spa that can fit more than two people without having to compromise living space.
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  • T-300 (6 person)

    With five adjustable jets and two jets strategically placed to target those hard to reach places, the Softub 300+ is the ultimate in luxury. Accommodating up to six adults, the 300+ is perfect for social gatherings and spending time with family and loved ones. Underwater LEDs are integrated into the Softub 300+. Whether you choose a warm orange; a nautical blue; a vitalizing green; or a stimulating gradient, Softub's 300+ LED lighting will suit any mood and create an inviting atmosphere (feature only offered on the 300+).

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