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About Mike Durand


Michael A. Durand boasts over 50 years of experience in spa repair and installation. Having worked in homes across Europe and the United States, Mike is the go-to professional when no one else in town can tackle the job. After 11 years abroad, he returned to the United States and quickly earned the reputation as ‘the best spa guy in the South Bay.’

Mike arrives with a smile on his face and all the necessary supplies in his truck, ready to work miracles on your hot tub. He also offers guidance to spa owners interested in maintaining their own spas, so don’t hesitate to inquire! Mike and the rest of the Classic Spa Service team always enjoy hearing from past, present, and future customers. Don’t forget to visit our contact page and say hello!

Living and working in Europe for over eleven years has given me an insight into what people expect from a service company. You have one chance to get it right in Germany. I have learned by living in Europe that each day must have meaning. To see a smile on the face of a customer because we were on time and that we knew right away what the fault in the spa was has more meaning to me than most will ever know. I now pass this mentality on to all that become part of the Classic Spa Service Team.

Michael Durand

Our Philosophy

Since 1974, Classic Spa Service has established itself as the premier spa repair company in the industry. Our mission is to deliver exemplary service at competitive rates. Your satisfaction, reflected in a smile upon completion of our work, remains our utmost priority.

We operate on a policy of no payment until job completion. We firmly believe that customers should only pay once they are fully satisfied with the immaculate condition and functionality of their spa. This is our personal pledge to you.

Michael Durand has even provided training to employees of other service companies, ensuring that customers receive nothing short of excellence in spa maintenance. That’s our commitment to exceptional service!

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